Fu Hai Black Pu Er Tea

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From 2007 (357 grams)

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1 review for Fu Hai Black Pu Er Tea

  1. Matti

    03-23-2020: I thought it would be helpful to share a part of my tea journal regarding this tea. This is my personal tasting experience with this tea so it may not be the same as yours. Gong fu style at 95C, 6 grams.

    1. Wash
    2. Delightful woodsy (with a hint of charcoal or say fireplace undertone) aroma. The aroma carries the taste here. Slightest hint of bitterness in a good way.
    3. The woody aroma is converting to more body in taste. The slight bitterness is mostly if not completely gone at this point.
    4. Full tasting body, again woodsy, like wood chips. Not too thick, not complex.
    5. Body tapers just a cinch, woodsy aroma is still very pleasant!
    6 onwards. More of the same as body tapers away and aroma carries through to the end.

    Overall this is a straightforward pleasant woodsy aroma tea for me that takes me back to my childhood days in Finland doing Finnish sauna in the forest.

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